Episode 8 of #slowtofast:  “The Agile episode”, featuring the Agile rock star Mattias Skarin

Skrivet den 21 mars 2016, Klockan 16:53 | Nordnet Tech 


This episode is for all you Agile geeks out there.

Dennis and our special guest Mattias Skarin from Crisp go all out nerd about using Agile to the fullest. Whether you want to get started with Agile, or if you’re already using the method, there is tons of value to take from the episode.

What you’ll learn

Some examples of things that you will take away from listening:

  • The essential elements of proper Product Management
  • The management principles of an Agile leader
  • How the Swedish culture is beneficial for using Agile
  • How to get started with an Agile transition
  • How to make an Agile culture stick
  • How to handle failure

Listen to the episode

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The Crisp blog [Link]

“Real world Kanban” , book by Mattias Skarin [Link]

“Kanban and Scrum — making the most of both”, book by Mattias Skarin & Henrik Kniberg [Link]

“The slicing cheat sheet” by Mattias Skarin [Link]

WIP limit [Link]

The Happiness Metric [Link]

Continous Integration [Link]

What should we talk about next?

Let us know what to talk about next, by writing a comment below or using the hashtag #slowtofast on Twitter…or send us a fax +46 8 506 33 065.

Thanks for listening,

Marcus and Dennis

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Image credits: Wikipedia, Jeff.lasovski

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  1. No response on my comment from last week? Is this slowtofast or maybe slowtoslower? Perhaps snailmail is the way to communicate nowadays.

    Episode 9 was released three days ago but can’t be found at Nordnetbloggen yet.

    As one can see from Dennis’ twitter April 5th maybe drinking wine is more interesting than caring about Nordnets products and clients.

    Friday came the job report but couldn’t trade on it because Wintrade stopped updating some quotes. Didn’t make any money on Wednesdays report from HM because it was to difficult adding warrants and other product to the list in Wintrade. One wonders if Nordnet wants it’s clients to trade and make money at all.

    Svar | Rapportera kommentar april 7, 2016 at 2:06 e m
  2. Dennis, you wrote: ”Wintrade is definitely one of our (more complex) priorities. Right now all I can say is that we are working on it. Keep an eye on the blog and podcast, as Q1 2016 progresses we’ll be able to give much clearer status updates.”

    Q1 2016 has progressed all the way to the end now. I haven’t noticed a single status update on the blog at all.

    You promised but it seems like you didn’t deliver!

    It’s so annoying with the current version of Wintrade. Every day I miss so many opportunities to make money. In the podcast you talked about frustrated employees who could go to their boss. Where do frustrated customers go?

    Svar | Rapportera kommentar april 1, 2016 at 3:13 e m